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We Are Whale Cottage Designs


We are Sheugnet & Theo! A couple on a journey as we dive into the magic of Whale Cottage Designs — where each piece is a celebration of the earth's elements and the artistry of our handmade creations.

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Meet The Team

Theo Carter

Current Focus - Mastering Cabochons

Sheugnet Carter

Current Focus - Mastering Silver

Our Story

Whale Cottage Designs is the creative venture of Sheugnet and Theo, originally from South Africa and now residing in Dubai. Their love for gems, rocks, and jewelry-making blossomed in their 50s, marking the beginning of their journey.

Drawn to the mesmerizing beauty of the ocean, particularly the gentle giants — whales, Sheugnet and Theo found inspiration for their designs during frequent whale-watching expeditions. Their creations are not just pieces of jewelry; they're a fusion of late-blooming passion, the magic of nature, and the joy of developing their craftsmanship.

As devoted parents and diligent artisans, Sheugnet and Theo infuse every design with their dedication and love. Whale Cottage Designs invites you to explore a collection where each piece narrates a tale of newfound creativity, the allure of planet earths materials, and the timeless spirit of craftsmanship.

Join us in embracing the magic where every design is a chapter, crafted by hand, and inspired by the profound beauty of nature.

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